Guided Meditations



Intro to Mindfulness Meditation

If you are new or relatively new to mindfulness, try this introductory exercise a few times until you become comfortable with it.

Awareness of Breath Meditation

One of the first objectives in learning to meditate is to sharpen your awareness, becoming more able to notice what is happening within the body and the mind.  The breath is a common tool for practicing this skill.  During an exercise such as this, the mind will inevitably react with restlessness or various forms of discomfort, and becoming of aware its various wanderings is just as much part of the practice.  It is actually the beginning of true insight.  With continued practice, awareness of breath can help the mind become more focused and less reactive.

Body Scan Meditation

What happens in the mind also creates a reaction within the body.  By learning to systematically observe the sensations within the body, we not only improve our ability to manage and direct attention, we enable an elemental form of self-knowledge that can serve us when emotions are most present and influential.  Some find that body scan can also be a very calming practice.  The two below may serve you in different ways.  Try both.


#2 (Justin)

Metta (Compassion) Meditation

Many of the great contemplative traditions consider meditation a means to cultivate compassion for others, and have a specific practice for doing so.  It is often referred to as “Metta”.